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Through our Patreon, Study Hall publishes a once-a-week email digest of media news, freelance opportunities, job openings, and publication contacts, as well as a listserv for freelancers to network with each other and maintain a digital community. We currently have over 250 members across the world. Contact with any questions.

✎ $4 / month: Access to the Study Hall Digest and Listserv (sample Digest here). Sign up on Patreon

☼ $12/ month: Access to the Study Hall Network publication database, private groups, real-time chats, productivity tools, and document resources, run through Basecamp. Sign up on Patreon.

☎ +$8 / month: Access to data subscriptions and other services. Contact to subscribe.

Charges are carried out in the first week of every month. Scholarships are also available. For detailed information about Basecamp and other benefits, see our onboarding document. The Digest is edited by Peter Moskowitz and Erin Corbett is our community editor. Our ultimate goal is to build a media freelancers' cooperative and support our members' work through digital platforms, collective business development, and physical events. 

Study Hall Listserv public member list can be found here.  


What Writing's Worth [WWW], May 2016: Study Hall surveyed web writers to find out standards of pay, etiquette, and collaboration. Study Hall plans to periodically update WWW in order to track changes in the freelance industry. Our first WWW can be viewed and downloaded here.


Study Hall Studio is our independent creative studio. We work on projects like pop-up publications, content development, and editorial consulting.

Please get in touch for a client portfolio.