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Others who face structural bias in the industry may also be approved. Email to inquire.

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“Through Study Hall, I’ve gotten suggestions for where to pitch, editor contacts, guidance in negotiating contracts, and, maybe most importantly, a community of friendly and supportive writers who are there for each other for crises and tiny questions, with every kind of help.”

Jaime Green, writer and editor

“As a writer, I’ve met editors who I am now writing for; as an editor, I’ve met writers who are now writing fantastic things for me. Who knew the circle of journalistic life could be so great?”

Tori Telfer, author of Lady Killers

“Study Hall is helpful for editors because it allows us to catch writers at all points in the process, not just at the end of a pitch.”

Michelle Legro, editor at GEN / Medium

“At the beginning of our editorial strategy, we sent a brief to the Study Hall network and got connected to dozens of excellent writers. We ended up working exclusively with Study Hall writers and the results speak for themselves.”

Toby Shorin,