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Recent Stories

Your Friends Don’t Read Your Microplastics Articles: Finding Meaning in Freelancing Outside Validation

“My parents and my in-laws seem to be the only people who read my work – which is fine!” says Janet Manley. “Whenever they comment something like ‘great job!!!’ I hear Jerry's mom cheering as he opens the jar on Seinfeld: ‘Yay, Jerry got it open!’”

Study Hall’s 2020 State of Freelance Report Part 1: The $100,000 Question

Development Director Evan Kleekamp reviews trends found among survey respondents who reported six-figure annual incomes in 2020, questioning the merits of online discussions about six-figure incomes found online. 

Maya Dukmasova of Injustice Watch on the Skills, Boundaries and Experience an Investigative Reporter Needs

On December 15, 2021, Study Hall held an AMA with Maya Dukmasova, a senior reporter at Injustice Watch, reporting primarily on judges in Cook County. Before that, she was a staff writer at the Chicago Reader for five years where she covered housing, policing, racial justice movements, and various odd topics about interesting people and places in Chicago. 

The Police Report to Student Publication Pipeline

Because there isn’t consensus among students about what police accountability and mandatory reporting should look like, student journalists across the country grapple with how to use the Clery Act ethically at their schools.

Who Gets to Investigate? How Reporters of Color are Shut Out of Investigative Journalism

If investigative journalism keeps those in power accountable, then to whom is the media responding by restricting access to journalists of color?

Adeshina Emmanuel of Injustice Watch on Succeeding in Investigative Journalism

In our December 1, 2021, Study Hall AMA with Adeshina Emmanuel, editor-and-chief of Injustice Watch, he offered tips about pitching investigative stories, crafting reported features, and organizing research.

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