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Why Is Media so Obsessed with the Drunken Canal?: A Hater Reports

Who Gets to Investigate? How Reporters of Color are Shut Out of Investigative Journalism

Finding Meaning in Freelancing Outside Validation

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Recent Stories

Getting Even: An Interview With Laura Mayer

Jane Drinkard calls Laura Mayer, the brain behind “Shameless Acquisition Target,” to talk about podcasts, burnout, ambition, and betting on yourself as a freelancer.

Study Hall Guide to Reporting on Abortion

Anna Furman on covering abortion rights with precision, accuracy, and humanity.

The Big Idea with Vaughn Stafford Gray

Writer Vaughn Stafford Gray talks getting organized and asking for higher pay.

Q+A with Shani Komulainen, photojournalist

Komulainen didn’t set out to photograph land defense struggles, but after selling her first freelance photojournalism pitch to the Montreal Gazette, her path was set.

How Legacy Media Leverage Transphobia To Sell Clicks, Not Journalism

Following Emily Bazelon’s New York Times Magazine dud, Study Hall reviews the signs and symptoms of dog whistle reporting on trans communities.

The Big Idea with Zach St. George

Something as quotidian as a local gardening column can end up being an accidental diary of a global catastrophe in the making. 

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