Study Hall has over 20 members who work as freelance journalists in a variety of fields. Their writing ranges from food criticism and culture coverage to deep investigative reporting and social justice stories. Some recent publications from Study Hall members are below.

Alex Ossola: Endangered: A Bird and a Tribe (UnDark)

Ryan Goldberg: How America’s Favorite Sports Betting Expert Turned A Sucker’s Game Into An Industry (Deadspin)

Candace Bryan: Is This Night Cream Causing Night Terrors? (Racked)

Aaron Cantú: The Chaparral Insurgents of South Texas (The New Inquiry)

Kyle Chayka: The Last Lifestyle Magazine (Racked)

Kristen French: New Weapons for Panama Tribes in Old Fight to Save Forests (Al Jazeera)

Ian Frisch: Transgender Women Are Heading to South Korea for Vocal Surgery (Bloomberg)

Rebecca Grant: The U.S. Is Running Out of Nurses (The Atlantic)

Peter Moskowitz: Wheaton College's Secret LGBT Movement (Fusion

Max Rivlin-Nadler: Port Authority's Broken Promise Is Choking Newark's Kids (Village Voice)

Emily Stephenson: How to Bake Bread While You Sleep (Lucky Peach)

Cameron Tung: Can Live Streaming Save the Poker Industry? (New Yorker)

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