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Journalists and Fandoms COLLIDE, Everyone LOSES

“In reality, journalists don't have to abide by a public figure's preferences about what gets brought up in coverage of them.”

A New Owner At the Buffalo News And A Showdown

Once owned by Warren Buffett, the Buffalo News and its union are facing a new owner, and a new fight.

What the F*ck is Puck?

A new publication promises to investigate money and power, but won’t talk about itself. Here's what we found.

How The Indian Government Is Silencing Journalists

Protests and a public health crisis have opened up a new chapter in a long fight for press freedom in India.

If A White Nationalist’s Things Burn Down, Is It A Hate Crime?

Possibly, said the Montana Standard, raising questions of how to cover white nationalists in our communities.

The Art of Writing Obituaries During a Plague

Obituaries are a singular journalistic format — and one that has had to change during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Limits of Solidarity in France’s Security Law Protests

The coalition protesting a proposed French security law is broad, but some worry that the movement emphasizes press freedom over rising Islamophobia and police brutality.

No Local News? Start a Facebook Page

In Brazil, Facebook pages run by small staffs report on local news, filling gaps left by the larger newspapers.

How to Freelance for US Publications from Abroad

Eight international freelancers who regularly contribute to US publications share their tips on pitching, taxes, and establishing a beat.

Why Aren’t Student Journalists Paid a Living Wage?

Student newspapers produce professional-level journalism, but require long, unpaid hours that replicate the industry’s exclusions.