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A media newsletter & online support network for media workers.



We publish a weekly newsletter with media news and gossip, perfect for anyone who spends too much time on Twitter. Our blog hosts feature stories, but most of our content is member-only.



Our weekly email with media news, gossip, and original stories. It's great for anyone interested in the media. Sent through Patreon (sample here).(No access to Listserv or Basecamp.)



We manage a Listserv for freelance media workers with job opportunities, pitch calls, and more. Our Network is a real-time platform with editor databases, chats, and FAQs.    



The Study Hall Digest on Mondays, plus an email of media job openings and freelance opportunities on Tuesdays (sample here), plus access to a collaborative Listserv of 500+ media workers, where we share new story ideas, writing advice, pitches, and sources. 



Deep collaboration for freelancers. This level includes the Digest, Listserv, and our Network: a database of 200+ editor contacts, publications that don't pay on time, real-time chat rooms, private groups for women, LGBTQ, media workers of color, and more (details here).


Editor: Enav Moskowitz
Staff writer: Allegra Hobbs

Community Lead: Erin Corbett
Publisher: Kyle Chayka



Why Members Like it:

"Through Study Hall, I've gotten suggestions for where to pitch, editor contacts, guidance in negotiating contracts, and, maybe most importantly, a community of friendly and supportive writers who are there for each other for crises and tiny questions, with every kind of help."

— Jaime Green, writer and editor


"As a writer, I’ve met editors who I am now writing for; as an editor, I’ve met writers who are now writing fantastic things for me. Who knew the circle of journalistic life could be so great?"

— Tori Telfer, author of Lady Killers


"Study Hall is helpful for editors because it allows us to catch writers at all points in the process, not just at the end of a pitch." 

— Michelle Legro, editor at Longreads


Everything Else:

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Study Hall promotes community and collaboration in the media industry.

We were founded in Brooklyn in 2015 by Kyle Chayka and Peter Moskowitz. Reach us at 

Our creative branch is Study Hall Studio, which works with media companies in content production and editorial consulting.