Author: Chris Erik Thomas

Who’s Your DADDY: How DADDY Magazine Is Working to Reshape Berlin’s Media Landscape

“​​Everyone can relate to it. Leather daddies, sugar daddies, lesbian daddies, or your own father who might be the most lovely, adorable person or highly problematic figure in your life. We chose the name because we wanted to make it very clear that we're not taking ourselves too seriously and that this is not an academic publication. You don't need to have a PhD in gender studies to write a contribution.”

Q+A: Judd Legum, Creator of Popular Information

Legum talks about making the newsletter pivot back in 2018, building an audience, and the long tail of the blogging era.

My Month of Fashion Ghostwriting

For a gig, Chris Erik Thomas was tasked with filing dozens of front-row dispatches from fashion shows in Paris, London, and Milan — all while sitting in their apartment in Berlin.

How the New York Times Crossword Became Too Big to Fail

Despite decades worth of missteps and competition from a growing indie scene, the Times puzzle is slow to change.

How to Freelance for US Publications from Abroad

Eight international freelancers who regularly contribute to US publications share their tips on pitching, taxes, and establishing a beat.

Q+A: Jasmine Mithani, Visual Journalist at FiveThirtyEight

Mithani, part of the team behind FiveThirtyEight’s popular election forecast, talks about education, doomscrolling, and rejected mascots.

Corporate Folly and the Collapse of Queer Media

A recent boom and bust cycle provides a lesson in why LGBTQIA+ media should be owned by LGBTQIA+ people.

Q+A: Dan Feidt, Co-Founder of Unicorn Riot

A behind-the-scenes look at the nonprofit newsroom leading coverage of nationwide protests.