The Study Hall Classified Ads



Want to have your business seen by thousands of extremely-online media workers? We’re here to help. As part of our Classified Ad model, we put your business front and center in our weekly Digest and Opportunities newsletters. With the additional option of placing a longer ad in our Slack and Listserv, we offer flexibility in both price and scope so your Ad is perfectly placed.

In addition to our standard rates, we now offer a 20% discount on all rates for BIPOC-owned small businesses. If you qualify for this discount, please make sure to note this in the order form.


Please note that all ads MUST be booked through our ORDER FORM. For all other inquiries, please email [email protected] with “Classified Ad Question:” in the subject line. 


Audience: 3,500+ subscribers.

Open Rate: 70-74% average.

Click Rate: 21-23% for Opportunities, 8-10% for Digest.

Ad Length: 280 characters.

Region: NYC-heavy.

Good for: Newsletters, podcasts, media job listings, freelance assignments, and products and services designed for digital workers. 

Subscribers: Journalists, editors, media executives, and digital culture followers.

Previous Clients: BuzzFeed News, XTR Documentary Studio, NYU, NY Public Radio, Off The Record, The Nation, bonsai, and more.

For examples of our Classified Ads and testimonials from previous customers, please scroll to the bottom of the page.



The #1 way to get your Ad seen quickly is by placing a Classified Ad in Study Hall’s full suite of weekly newsletters, including the Digest and Opportunities. We also offer advertisers the opportunity to purchase a one-time, custom Ad posted in both the Slack and Listserv of Study Hall. This option is available throughout all of our pricing tiers. 

 The full-price rates are as follows:

  • 1 Week: $250, or $350 with Slack/Listserv post.
  • 2 Weeks: $400, or $500 with Slack/Listserv post.
  • 3 Weeks: $550, or $650 with Slack/Listserv post.
  • 4 Weeks: $700, or $800 with Slack/Listserv post.


We also offer discounted rates of 20% off to BIPOC-owned small businesses: 

  • 1 Week: $200, or $280 with Slack/Listserv post.
  • 2 Weeks: $320, or $400 with Slack/Listserv post.
  • 3 Weeks: $440, or $520 with Slack/Listserv post.
  • 4 Weeks: $560, or $640 with Slack/Listserv post.



Fill out our ORDER FORM! Once all the info is complete, we’ll email you to confirm the copy for your ad and process your payment. Please note that all payments are currently made through Stripe. If this is an issue, please email [email protected] with “Classified Ad Question:” in the subject line.

Please note that listings in our newsletter are limited to 280 characters, while Slack/Listserv listings can be up to 200 words.



The ads look like this in the Digest and Opportunities newsletters. For examples of Slack/Listserv posts, please email [email protected] with “Classified Ad Question:” in the subject line for more information.




Kathleen Flood / XTR: “After I posted my Classified Ad for documentary pitches, my inbox was flooded almost immediately. I am really impressed with Study Hall’s vast network of engaged freelancers from so many different backgrounds. The relationships I’ve built both with Study Hall and its members have been invaluable.”

Deborah Carver / The Content Technologist: “Just wanted to say that I’ve been thrilled with the response so far. As someone who advises people on audience and marketing budgets, you can absolutely charge more.”

Jeanne B Pinder / ClearHealthCosts: “We found several great candidates for our contract gig through the Study Hall Classified Ads. The process was easy, and I know how wide the readership is. Would definitely do it again!”

Mason Currey / Subtle Maneuvers: “I bought a classified ad hoping for new subscribers to my newsletter, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be this effective. By the end of the day, I had my biggest-ever spike in new subs. Very impressed!”

Robert Stephensbonsai: “The Study Hall community is so strong. I was amazed at the response to a job posting. Not only did I get a ton of responses, but the quality of each inbound was super-high.”