Breaking: New York Post lays off 5% of staff

The coronavirus-related cuts follow a round of layoffs in April in which 20 staffers lost their jobs.

The New York Post laid off approximately 5% of its staff on Thursday due to shrinking ad revenue as a result of the coronavirus pandemic — the latest round of layoffs to hit the paper. Remaining staff were informed of the layoffs in a Thursday evening Zoom meeting, in which publisher Sean Giancola told staff that the cuts would help the paper “better weather the COVID-19 storm,” according to someone who attended the meeting.

It was not immediately clear exactly how many staffers were laid off, and News Corp, the Post’s parent company, did not return a request for comment. The Post laid off about 20 staffers at the end of April due to pandemic-related strain amid cost-cutting measures like a hiring freeze and slashing the paper’s freelance budget. At that time, Giancola told staff there were not immediate plans to lay off more staff, but that he could make no guarantees.