Author: Allegra Hobbs

Beep, Beep, Beep

A goodbye note from Study Hall staff writer Allegra Hobbs.

The Art of Writing Obituaries During a Plague

Obituaries are a singular journalistic format — and one that has had to change during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Twitter, You Can Never Log Off

A year of pandemic-related misery has salted the earth of Media Twitter.

Door Knocking Fucking Sucks

Knocking on doors as a local reporter is anxiety-inducing, vulnerable, occasionally terrifying, and necessary.

The Rise of the Messy Advice Column

Why has advice become a safe bet in an otherwise precarious media landscape?

It Happened to Me: I Was a Terrible Party Reporter

In the latest in our series of media memoirs, Allegra Hobbs reflects on being bad at a job you don’t like.


Study Hall staff writer Allegra Hobbs moved from New York City to Marfa, Texas, but her leaving NYC essay still needs some edits.

Breaking: New York Post lays off 5% of staff

The coronavirus-related cuts follow a round of layoffs in April in which 20 staffers lost their jobs.

The Problem With Using Cops as Sources

In the wake of widespread police violence against Black Lives Matter and police abolition protestors, local reporters are reexamining their reliance on cops as primary sources.

Twitter’s Blue-Check Mania

When conservatives aren't using Twitter's blue checks as a slur, they mean nothing at all.